I am on my second pair of Lily Pads and truly panicked when I misplaced my original set recently! This product has allowed me to wear shoes other than my sport shoes once again. I have tried several other “foot” pads with no success and will recommend this creative little gem to anyone needing respite from foot pain. P.S. After putting on my favorite bra the other night getting ready for a dressy event, I realized the straps were cutting into my shoulders. I took my extra Lily pads, slipped them under my straps and voila—pain free for the rest of the evening! They are so versatile, easy to care for and have brought me much comfort. Thanks Christina!
Marcella V
I love Body & Sole Comfort’s product line. My favorite is the Happy Heel. I love that they are reusable, unlike other shoe products. Highly recommend this product!
I couldn’t work without my Lily Pads. I clean houses all day and I am on my feet all DAY and without my Lily Pads I couldn’t work. I love them. Once you use them you can’t ever leave the house without them!!! Thanks for the great comfort.
Mona S
These gel pads are great. They work so well that there is really nothing else that compares. The instant relief they provide from pain and discomfort is amazing…and they are durable and easy to use and clean! I would recommend them to anyone.
Stacey A
I love the Lily Pad. With the pads, I can wear my high-heel boots all day long in comfort as well as hard flat shoes. The Lily Pad gives me extra comfort. It is a great product!
Yolanda P
The Lily Pads are great! I have high arches and wear them in the arch of my foot to relieve the pressure. It helps so much. I’m on my feet all day at work and the pads have made a difference. It’s great to be able to adjust them to where you need them instead of having to stick other types of pads in your shoes that ruin the shoes and can’t be removed or repositioned. I confess I’ve even worn them barefoot around the house! 🙂
Liz C
I’m sold! I am back to wearing my heels without any pain. I just completed a marathon and the only thing that didn’t hurt was my feet! It’s a terrific product that I will use for the rest of my life!.
I absolutely love the comfort I get from wearing the Lily Pads and Dots. I walk all day at the salon I work at and the pads & dots provide a great comfort. Christina has come up with a product that should be included in every shoe sale!!!! I can only say positive things about the product because I do LOVE them!
Roseanna W
I am so pleased with the comfort of Lily Pads. I wore them all last summer with my sandals. Each night I would wash them with hand soap and water, rinse and leave on the counter to dry overnight. Such comfort even with flip flops! Way to go Christina! We all thank you for your vision of comfort.
THIS is a great product. Whenever I have to wear heels, I never forget to put on my gel pads. I’ve heard that the Dancing with Stars competitors are wearing them, too. If these works for those dancers who are working hours a day, then they MUST be great even for just the casual wearer. I recommend these to all of my friends!
Lisa T, Strata Media
What can I say; it is an amazing product. I too have problem feet and when I tried the dots for the first time, I was skeptical, but boy was I wrong. I only bought the dots which sell for $13, but I will be buying the combo pack for my various shoes. I am a happy customer.
Silvia R
These products are lifesavers and a gift for all feet! The thoughtfulness of this product makes them great for long days and perfect for every day. The benefits of these far outweigh any mass market disposable options. And in addition to the comfort they provide, the fact that they’re eco-friendly brings peace of mind. Thank you Lily Pads!!!
Nina L
I love the Lilly gel foot pads. I have been wearing them for close to 2 years now. As a Pharmacist I am on my feet all day. I have tried other foot pads, but I love these because they adhere to your foot and are reusable. The other pads slide around in the shoe and bunch up when you try to get your shoe on. I am going to buy the dots next. I have had bunion surgery and I believe the dots will help. Thank you Chris for your great product.
Amy B
I absolutely love Body & Sole Comfort products! I bought the cutest pair of shoes in Laguna Beach and was unable to wear them for a year because they gave me such horrible blisters. Thanks to this amazing product, I can wear my fabulous shoes as much as I want! I am 100% satisfied with Body and & Sole products! I highly recommend the pads to anyone who has that amazing pair of shoes but can’t stand the pain of the blisters they get when wearing them. I feel like I am walking on clouds when wearing my pads. They are super comfortable and stay securely in place. Order some for yourself and try them out!
I went to the podiatrist for heal spurs. I had terrible foot pain could barely walk. He could do nothing for me. I went back to my doctor. I told her I wanted to cut my feet off they hurt so bad I needed to go to someone who could help me. She said she had a friend that had insoles I could use for arch supports. She mailed them to me. I started using body and sole inserts; wow I can walk pain free. I’ve been using this product for over 7 months. I wear them every day all day, there is no product on the market that compares to body and sole comforts. Thank you for my life back. My feet are pain free. I use the pads for arch supports and they are great.
I am proud to say that I am a BIG fan of the Body and Sole Foot Cushion. I too saw a TV program on the subject of injecting silicon into a woman’s feet and after seeing her agonize while the doctor injected her feet, I knew that was not for me. But as an avid marathon runner and a career woman always in heels, I was in dire need for some kind of foot relief. Thankfully Christina introduced me to her fantastic foot cushion which has completely changed my “mood” when I am wearing my heels and after my long runs. What’s even greater is that I not only wear the foot cushion on my feet, but I wear them anywhere on my body, like my shins when I wear my sky boots or hiking boots and the front of my foot where the tongue of the tennis shoe rubs. Christine, because of your incredible creation my feet are happy and therefore so am I. Cheers!!!
Justine D